Strategy Leibniz Research Alliance 2019-2024

Our identity

The Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science is an association of research and information infrastructure institutions from the Leibniz Association, university institutes and libraries, non-university-affiliated research institutions, and other partners. The diversity of these institutions and the wide range of science disciplines and competencies represent the main strength of the alliance. These are the qualities that make the Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science unique in the German-speaking region and worldwide.

We define Open Science as practices and processes in all scientific disciplines that foster participation and collaboration, accessibility and reuse, transparency and verifiability in science.This is linked to the use and promotion of an open web and the provision of infrastructures for scholarly research, teaching and learning. Open Science also promotes sustainable impact, both transdisciplinary in the science system as well as in politics, business, culture, and public life. Open Science is rooted in the tradition of established principles of good scientific practice. The goal is to critically reflect traditional scientific culture and to transfer it into the present era of linked-up research.


The Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science is the driving force, forum, and access point for all questions regarding open practices and processes in the European scientific area. We are innovators in researching and developing methods, infrastructures, and tools for open science with a sustainable transfer into science policy, scientific practice and training. As one of the most important international players we are linked to the relevant interest groups of the science system.

Strategic approach

The Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science is active in three areas of activity: (1) research and knowledge transfer, (2) infrastructure and tools, (3) advocacy and community building. In order to address relevant topics within these areas, corresponding activities of the alliance are organised in working groups and supported by corresponding funding programmes of the alliance.

Within the alliance we promote open and participatory methods. Established working groups must commit to publish the findings from funded activities and measures according to the principles of Open Science.

Research & knowledge transfer

We use and bundle the multidisciplinary expertise of our alliance partners to initiate and to carry out practice-oriented research in the field of Open Science. The diversity within the alliance enables the fostering of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches. We are transfer-oriented in order to ensure our research findings are compatible with different stakeholder groups. In order to achieve this, we integrate relevant stakeholders from outside the alliance into research and development processes when required.

Infrastructures & tools

Open Science requires appropriate infrastructures and tools, in whose development and design various players are involved. Based on the expertise of the infrastructure institutions engaged in the alliance, who provide services for different communities, we provide support for building such infrastructures. We offer orientation among rising innovations and developments and how interetested players can get involved in them. In this, we advocate open solutions and support their development. We also offer orientation for researchers in the selection of suitable infrastructures and tools.

Advocacy & community building

Promoting Open Science practices and increasing their acceptance is an important aspect of our work. Here findings from the research and development activities within the alliance enjoy preference. We adapt the transfer formats in use (manuals, policy papers, events etc) to the specific information needs of the various target groups. Our primary targets for knowledge transfer are the science system, science policy, and research infrastructures. In addition, community building plays an important role in improving visibility nationally and internationally and in linking the alliance with other relevant stakeholders. We offer a platform where information about a modern and sustainable science system can be exchanged.