News on Science 2.0 and Open Science (October 2016)

Latest News from the Research Alliance:

  • Research Alliance receives additional funding

Within a funding line of the Leibniz Association 200,000 Euros of additional funds have been granted over four years to the Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0. The funding started on June 1, 2016.

The measures include (1) the further development of international events discussing Science 2.0 and Open Science, (2) networks for excellent and internationally renowned researchers, and (3) supporting the knowledge transfer of Science 2.0 practices into the corresponding scientific disciplines.

  • High Level Expert Group on Altmetrics

Prof. Isabella Peters has been appointed by the European Commission as one of six members of the High Level “Expert Group on Altmetrics”. This group of experts has been set up by the European Commission’s Directorate-General Research and Innovation to propose suggestions for an alternative system of evaluating scientific work apart from quantitative citation-based impact factors and towards responsible metrics. Prof. Peters, whose key areas of work are Social Media and User-generated Content, Altmetrics and Science 2.0, is a researcher at the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics and professor for Web Science at the University of Kiel.

  • General meeting of Leibniz Research Alliances on November 23, 2016 in Berlin  

This year’s general meeting will take place on November 23 in Berlin as part of the annual conference of the Leibniz Association.

  • Save the Date: Barcamp Open Science on March 20, 2017 in Berlin

The next barcamp will take place shortly before the Open Science Conference (see below) on March 20, 2017. This time we will be guests at Wikimedia and will discuss several issues concerning Open Science, especially focusing Open Educational Ressources (OER).

  • Save the Date: Open Science Conference 2017 on March 21 to 22 in Berlin

The Open Science Conference 2017 is the 4th international conference of the Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0. It is a continuation and development of the former Science 2.0 Conference and has just been renamed. It is dedicated to the Open Science movement and provides a unique forum where researchers, librarians, practitioners, politicians, and other important stakeholders can discuss and exchange their ideas and experiences.


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