#science – Discover, understand and support science and scientists on Twitter

Objective of the project and research questions

Twitter is a communication platform, a social network and a system for sharing resources. It offers scientists the opportunity to network with other researchers, to announce research findings, to communicate, and to discuss. The exponential growth of information, however, has not bypassed Twitter: a large number of users eye for the attention of researchers. So the question is: how can (young) scientists focus on the relevant users and news on Twitter?

The #science project aims first to analyse how scientists are using Twitter, in order to support them in the usage of the system in a second step. It looks to improve the means for finding scientists and scientific content on Twitter.

Research questions::

  • How can scientists be identified on Twitter? What are the characteristics of these scientists? What are scientific tweets and how can they be recognised as such?
  • What are the relations between scientists on Twitter and how do they relate to existing networks?

Project partners