Linked Open Citation Database (LOC-DB)

Project description

The LOC-DB project funded by DFG will develop ready-to-use tools and processes based on the linked-data technology that make it possible for a single library to meaningfully contribute to an open, distributed infrastructure for the cataloguing of citations. The project aims to prove that, by widely automating cataloguing processes, it is possible to add a substantial benefit to academic search tools by regularly capturing citation relations. These data will be made available in the semantic web to make future reuse possible. Moreover, we document effort, number and quality of the data in a well-founded cost-benefit analysis.

The project will use well-known methods of information extraction and adapt them to work for arbitrary layouts of reference lists in electronic and print media. The obtained raw data will be aligned and linked with existing metadata sources. Moreover, it will be shown how these data can be integrated in library catalogues. The system will be deployable to use productively by a single library, but in principle it will also be scalable for using it in a network.

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