Objective of the project and research questions

BibSonomy is a Social Bookmarking System with several thousand active users. An intuitive web interface allows scientists and students to organise their own web bookmarks and literature references, and to share them with colleagues and fellow students. As a research prototype, BibSonomy also allows researchers the rare opportunity to analyse interaction and communication on the Social Web in a running system, and to integrate their own techniques.

The objective of BibSonomy is the analysis of typical mechanisms of the Social Web, such as the structural properties of the user graph, and the development, testing and evaluation of new information retrieval techniques for the Social Web such as recommender, search and ranking algorithms.

Research questions:

  • Which structures emerge through free annotation of resources by means of tagging?
  • How do networks among users develop?
  • How can spam be identified effectively? How can users be supported in the discovery of information?
  • What are the forms of usage?

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