Generation R – exploring new ways to research

Project description

The Online-Platform ‘Generation R’ (R=Researcher) is conceived of as a meeting place for the new generation of researchers that wants to shape the future of an open scholarly system in the digital age. It’s aim is to encourage knowledge sharing and discourse about an open scholarly system in the digital age. The editorial focus is to take a ‘needs based approach’ to researchers. The aim is to look for conceptual and practical solutions that the wider community can use, refine and spread. Generation R especially addresses researchers who want to explore new ways of research with digital tools and believe open practices make science better.

The platform will run a series of editorial themes to provide quick updates about new tools and ways of researching. The launch theme will be ‘Software Citation’ for research, with the next themes planned as ‘The Decentralized Web’ and ‘Citizen Science’. The editorial format is to run blog posts and use collaborative authoring tools and consultations to further community participation and discourse.

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TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology

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Simon Worthington (Editor, TIB)