Use of scholarly social media – usage patterns and benefits

Objective of the project and research questions

The aim of this project is to examine academics’ use of scholarly social media, mainly ResearchGate, which was created for the purpose of allowing scientists and researchers to network and collaborate. Central research questions are: How do scientists use ResearchGate (e.g. as a repository or a community)? How does use of scholarly social media affect the knowledge, expertise, and resource sharing process? Does usage, sharing, self-promotion, and networking through ResearchGate actually influence job related and career outcomes? Does the ResearchGate score relate to more traditional measures of academic success (i.e., traditional measures of impact factor and number of publications)? An online survey among scientists (non-users and users of ResearchGate) will be conducted. ResearchGate users are also asked to upload their ResearchGate CV/provide their metrics. These metrics will be compared with public Google scholar citations.

Project partners