Social Media within the Leibniz Association

Objective of the project and research questions

Within the project “Social Media within the Leibniz Association” the first survey in 2014 aimed at capturing the level of penetration that social media had achieved in the institutions of the Leibniz Association.

In the new survey in 2016 the main topic of interest will be science communication in the context of the digitization of science. Specifically, the following research questions should be answered:

  1. Which significance has digital science communication for particular Leibniz institutions and for the Leibniz Association as a whole in the context of digitization of science?
  2. How is the practicality of using Social Media, online tools as well as more traditional measures and formats for the digital science communication reviewed by each Leibniz institution?
  3. In the last few years, which changes have been perceived by institutions of the Leibniz Association with regard to the relevance of certain measures and tools for the digital science communication?

Project partners

Project result