Sharing Research Data in Academia

Objective of the project and research questions

Shared research data in academia is associated with considerable benefits. It makes studies reproducible and enables other researchers to ask new questions based on old data. Thereby data sharing in academia makes research more transparent and fosters innovation. However, curating, archiving and making data available for others is far from being the rationale for good scientific practice. The research project “Data sharing” aims to identify factors for efficient data re-use.

Research questions:

  • Which factors affect datasharing?
  • How can these factors be structured and weighted?
  • What is the relation between the socioeconomic characteristics of the researcher and datasharing?
  • What is the relation between personality and datasharing?
  • What are the relevant legal questions?
  • Should data be curated centrally or decentrally?
  • Which usability factors must repositories fulfil?