ScholarLib. A framework for the bi-directional linking of social networks with academic portals

Objective of the project and research questions

The project aims to link academic portals with social online networks (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, ResearchGate) in order to make scientific content from subject-specific portals available on social networks, and to enrich the portals with social information from the social networks. It also aims to contribute to the linkage of online community platforms used for scientific purposes with conventional science channels.

Research questions:

  • To what extent can classical models of information search be transferred to Science 2.0?
  • What added values can be created by linking subject-specific portals with social networks for researchers?
  • Who are the users? How and for which purposes are services like ScholarLib being used?
  • To what extent can classical, semantically-oriented retrieval models be linked with new models of Social Information Retrieval?
  • Can social information on SNS be used for the analysis of scientific topics and trends over time?
  • How do services like ScholarLib impact networking and community-building?
  • How can phenomena of linking and network effects (virality) be used for recommender services?
  • What could software architectures for these services look like?

Project partners