Usage of Social Media services among the target groups of the German National Libraries TIB, ZBW MED and ZBW – Goportis – Leibniz Library Network for Research Information


In October and November 2013, an online survey was conducted among scientists belonging to the target groups of the three Goportis libraries. The purpose of the online survey was to learn more about the usage of Web 2.0 services in the daily work routines of researchers.

Since the topic has been the subject of only a few research papers so far, the survey focussed on purely explorative questions, such as the general usage of services and tools under demographic aspects (gender, age, function/academic status, disciplines), but also examined if certain types of usage can be identified from the data and described by particular combinations of characteristics and usage patterns.

The survey was carried out in parallel with a nationwide study of the usage of Web 2.0 tools among scientists at German universities (“Survey 2.0”).

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