The Future of Scholarly Communication in Economics

Objective of the project and research questions

This projects addresses issues corresponding to those of the Science 2.0  research alliance, in particular  the question: “How does the internet change the way in which economists communicate with each other or disseminate their research?”
Under this topical umbrella we want to discuss especially the following aspects:

  • Pros/cons of the review process, and new ideas for improvements
  • Different methods to measure reputation
  • Impact of open access on the publication market
  • Inclusion of research data in the publication process
  • The changing role of publishers, libraries, and scientific communities
  • The potential of social media tools (blogs, wikis, Twitter, Facebook etc.) in scholarly communication

To discuss these questions, “Economics – The Open  Access,  Open Assessment E-Journal” will organize a workshop and will publish a special issue with related papers. 

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