Altmetrics in various science disciplines

Project description

This project looks at alternative impact measurements for publications produced within the Leibniz Association. It concentrates on papers in journals and conference proceedings published in 2011 and 2012 by selected institutions (2-3 per section). The DOIs of the papers were identified by means of Webometric Analyst, and with the help of these DOIs alternative metrics were calculated by means of ImpactStory. The primary focus here was on the representation in social bookmarking services. The project aims to answer the following questions: How present are the publications of the Leibniz Association on the Social Web? Are there differences between sections or institutes? On which social media platforms can authors of the various Leibniz sections expect the largest readership, resp. where should they be present as authors? The project started in the spring of 2013.

First findings were presented to the partner meeting of the Research Alliance on 28 November 2013 (presentation/slides). In spring 2014, a second analysis was carried out according to the same method and was presented at the LIDA Libraries in Digital Age Conference in Zadar, Croatia (Proceedings). However, we noticed that when using different tools for an altmetric analysis, we received different results. In summer 2014 we took a closer look at this phenomenon and then presented the findings at the international conference, Scientometrics2014 in Regensburg, Germany (Proceedings). With this, our project, Altmetrics in various science disciplines is now concluded. We would welcome a continuation of the project in the future.

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