Evolution or revolution? Science 2.0 Conference discusses European Open Science Cloud

Experts on Digitisation of the Science System met in Cologne from 3 to 4 May 2016 – Topic: Discover the European Open Science Cloud

Kiel/Hamburg, 11 May 2016: The International Science 2.0 Conference 2016, which was held in Cologne on 3 and 4 May 2016, discussed the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud with various stakeholders. The focus was on the adaptation and modification of the current science system which is required for the new open linking of research data centres at the European level.

The European Commission has just sketched the outlines of the European Open Science Cloud, intended to link research data centres all over Europe, securely, openly, transdisciplinarily, by 2020. The European Commission has budgeted 6.7 billion Euros for the project. Implementing the European Open Science Cloud is a highly complex process which was at the focus of the third International Science 2.0 Conference in Cologne on 3 and 4 May 2016.

Topics under debate were the standards for a technical infrastructure that links all resources available in Europe, political and legal agreements that must be reached to regulate cooperation between private and public service providers, incentive structures and governance problems.

Talks and discussions repeatedly emphasised that the European Open Science Cloud, in particular with a view to the aspect of openness, should not simply copy current mechanisms of the science system and apply them to such a novel concept. Instead community-based approaches should be preferred, for instance in the review process.

Professor Klaus Tochtermann, director of the ZBW and a member of the High Level Expert Group on Open Science said: “The biggest possible mistake that could be made in implementing the European Open Science Cloud would be to transfer current practice in the science system to an Open Science system without reflection.”

Look back with us to the International Science 2.0 Conference 2016:

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