Results of project „Social Media within the Leibniz Association” published

The present study report of the project „Social Media within the Leibniz Association” provides information on the use of social media by institutions within the Leibniz Association. It gives answers to certain questions, for example how social media strategies are applied by the institutions and how the response of social media activities is evaluated. Based on the project results further insights can be gained about the change of social media use by the Leibniz institutions over time.

We questioned persons in Leibniz institutions that are responsible for the institutional presence in social media there. Although the present study does not completely reflect the situation in the Leibniz institutions, it nevertheless gives some interesting insights about the different use of social media.

The main findings of the study are:

  1. The majority of the questioned institutions expect that a structural change towards Science 2.0 will happen.
  2. Social media have arrived in the Leibniz institutions.
  3. Leibniz institutions use social media as external communication means.
  4. The spectrum of social media has not been fully exploited.

A summary of the project results and the complete study report (both in German) can be downloaded at

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