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Open Science Systems and Contact Tracing for COVID-19: A Consultation and Mapping

As part of the GenR theme ‘Innovating Open Science Systems for COVID-19’ we will look at how Open Science can improve ‘collaboration and communication’ in R&D communities working on Contact Tracing for C-19. GenR will carry out a mapping of applicable Open Science systems in consultation with the public health community.

An Open Energy System Modeling Community

The Open Energy Modelling Initiative (shortened to openmod) is an online and offline umbrella community devoted to promoting open energy system modeling and analysis. While there are no restrictions on application area, the bulk of funded research is directed toward questions involving public policy. As of late‑2019, the openmod has about 600 participants on its mailing list, with most of them being full‑time researchers or analysts.

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Socializing Infrastructures #infraQA

GenR theme asking questions about ‘how’ to transition to Open Science infrastructures. What can researchers make use of and how to get involved in shaping their future. Covering: software as infrastructure, governance, tools, methodologies, pedagogy, knowledge, & institutions.

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