News on Open Science and Science 2.0 (Newsletter June 2019)

Around the research alliance and it’s partners Barcamp Open Science & Open Science Conference: Save the date! The dates for our annual Open Science Conference and the Barcamp Open Science 2020 are set. Both will happen in Berlin as usual. Mark your calendar! Barcamp Open Science: 10 March 2020, #oscibar Open Science Conference: 11-12 March […]

Exhibition Open UP! How digitisation is transforming science

by Birgit Fingerle and Dr Doreen Siegfried As digitisation gathers pace, libraries are being transformed into the first point of reference for a knowledge-based society. And yet, this is not a change with which the public automatically identifies; many people still think of libraries as analogue places for printed material. It is because of this gulf in understanding that scientific infrastructure service providers often have to go to considerable lengths to explain their current profile. If they are to successfully communicate their relevance, they will have to ensure that their various stakeholder groups fully understand the digital transformation of libraries. […]

Open Science and Climate Change: A GenR Theme

Image: Brisbane School Strike, 2018. Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0), School Strike – | File Twitter hashtag #OSCC Time is of the essence when it comes to climate change and many look to Open Science to speed up research and innovation to respond to the challenges faced. The aim of this special …

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Making Connections: An Interview with Kerstin G├Âpfrich of Ring-a-Scientist

Image: Ring-a-Scientist lab videoconference in progress. Courtesy Ring-a-Scientist Cite as: DOI 10.25815/vdf3-nc44 Göpfrich, Kerstin. Worthington, Simon. ‘Making Connections: An Interview with Kerstin Göpfrich of Ring-a-Scientist’, 2019. GenR’s editor-in-chief Simon Worthington talks with co-founder Kerstin Göpfrich of Ring-a-Scientist about how the platform for connecting scientists with school students via videoconferencing was started. The Ring-a-Scientist platform …

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