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GO CHANGE Workshop: How ‘Yes, but…’ can be changed into a FAIR scientific culture

we were talking with Ines Drefs The GO FAIR International Support and Coordination Office organizes workshops on a regular basis for the FAIR community. Ines Drefs, the international speaker at the GO FAIR office in Hamburg, talks in the following interview about the outcomes of the GO CHANGE workshop held in Frankfurt am Main on 19 June 2019.       What was the objective of the GO CHANGE workshop? We had three specific objectives. Lately a lot of universities and research centres have opened what are known as competence centres, the purpose of which is to support researchers in […]

EURISE Workshop „Software Sustainability within Research Infrastructures“

  Die drei ERICs CESSDA, CLARIN und DARIAH laden für den 12. und 13. März 2019 zum EURISE Workshop unter dem Motto „Software Sustainability within Research Infrastructures“ nach Utrecht (Niederlande) ein. Themen werden unter anderem “Developer Guidelines und Best Practices”; “Software Quality Measures und Assessment”; “Infrastructure Service Management”; “Infrastructure Security”; “Business Models und Sustainability” sein. […]