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Open Access Days 2018 ‚Äď Part II: How does open access develop in individual disciplines and projects?

The 12th Open Access Days were held at the Technical University in Graz from 24 to 26 September 2018 under the motto “Diversity of Open Access”. The first part of our conference report focused on transformation strategies towards open access and open science at the national level. The second part of our report focuses primarily on the development of open access as part of individual projects and individual disciplines. Open access in the humanities In Session 5 (OA in the humanities), Anna Severin from the Swiss National Science Foundation & University of Bern presented a survey study on the perception […]

Open Access Days 2018 ‚Äď Part I: How is Open Access developing in the context of Open Science?

From 24 to 26 September 2018, the 12th Open Access Days took place in Graz at the Technical University, this time under the motto “Diversity of open access”. The extensive programme with over 50 lectures as well as workshops, poster presentations and company lectures met a great demand again. The conference focused on open educational resources, the importance of the “Green Road” today, and open access in the context of open science. More than 300 participants attended the event; more than half of them from Germany. We present a selection of the 15 sessions. Open Access in France Three keynote […]

Open Access: BMBF veröffentlicht neue Strategie

Das BMBF hat eine neue Open-Access-Strategie veröffentlicht. Die Strategie zielt darauf ab, Open Access zum Standard des Publizierens zu machen. Künftig sollen BMBF-geförderte Publikationen im Open Access erscheinen, das Ministerium wird Informations- und Auswertungsaktivitäten starten. Die Positionierung des Ministeriums ist zu begrüßen und unterstützt die existierenden Aktivitäten und Strategien anderer wissenschaftspolitischer Akteure.