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Semantic Publishing: The Future Open Textbook – a Contribution to NFDI4Culture

Semantic Publishing is a new open-source software research project contributing to the techstack for the creation of multi-format textbooks. A new generation of textbooks that includes modern Open Science digital objects, has semantic layers for structure and meaning, and packaging for interoperability. We are focusing on a specific book type ‘the textbook’ as an integrated part of MOOCs. The project is based at the Open Science Lab – TIB and contributes to the German consortium of the National Research Infrastructure for Culture (NFDI4Culture).

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The Future Open Book

Rapid publishing for public health books against COVID-19 The article covers a case study of the barriers to be overcome to fully automate the production workflow for Open Access multi-format books, to produce and distribute the following – ebook, print-on-demand, screen PDF, webbook, website, and an interoperable source. This blogpost was written to accompany the presentation at the Japanese ‘Vivliostyle User/Dev Meeting 2020 Autumn’ 24 October 2020 13:00 JST (04:00 UTC) – 17:10 JST (08:10 UTC).  The case study The case study involves producing eight book sprints for training manuals, some with MOOC modules, for the Academy of Public Health in Dusseldorf (Germany) which was run as a research cooperation with the Open Science Lab, TIB – German National Library of Science and Technology.  Motivation We are using the book as a technology and social practice within healthcare knowledge management. For example the ‘book sprint’ method of bringing together health

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