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Open Science & Libraries 2021: 20 Tips for Conferences, Barcamps & Co.

Which conferences and events could be worth a (online) visit in 2021? We have put together a selection of events related to Open Science and / or libraries. Here are our 20 favourites:

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Open Science: Interesting Conferences & Events for 2019

by Birgit Fingerle Conferences and other events can be good opportunities to stay up to date in open science and related subjects and also to do networking. We have selected a list of events in 2019 and are looking forward for your hints about even more events. JANUARY 2019 25.01. – 27.01., Mannheim (Germany) Open Social Science Conference 2019 Topic: Practicing New Standards in Transparency and Reproducibility 28.01. – 29.01., Luzern (Switzerland) Luzern Open Topic: Open Learning 29.01. – 31.01., Karlsruhe (Germany) LEARNTEC Topic: Digital Learning FEBRUARY 2019 05.02. – 06.02., Berlin (Germany) Open Science Days 2019 Topic: Research […]

Impact School: Science Transfer in the 21st century, September 17th–19th, 2018, Berlin

  The Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0 invites you to apply for our „Impact School: Science Transfer in the 21st century“. The impact school is a three-days training programme tailored to up-and-coming researchers that want to learn the skills to maximize their research impact. It responds to the development that in times of digitization, ever-shorter […]

Open Science, Technologien, Trends: Konferenzen, Messen & Barcamps 2018

Messen, Konferenzen und andere Events bieten die Gelegenheit, sich über Neuigkeiten aus den Bereichen Open Science, neuer Technologien und anderer Trendthemen zu informieren. Eine Auswahl an Veranstaltungen haben wir hier zusammengestellt und freuen uns über Hinweise auf weitere Veranstaltungen in 2018. Open Science und verwandte Themen 31.01. – 01.02. LEARNTEC, Karlsruhe 01. – 03.02. 4. Österreichische Citizen Science Konferenz 2018, Salzburg 15. – 16.02. Hochschulbarcamp, Essen 20.02. Digitale Transformation in der Hochschulbildung – E-Learning meets Bibliothek, Rechenzentrum und Co., Trier 06. – 07.03. DINI Zukunftswerkstatt 2018 “Virtual & Augmented Reality. Ideen, Projekte und Einsatzszenarien in der Lehre”, Weimar 12.03. Open […]

Call for applications – Impact School: Science Transfer in the 21st century

Impact School: Science Transfer in the 21st century, November 29  –  December 1, 2017, Berlin There is a pressing need for informed expertise from virtually all fields of academic research (e.g., with regards to matters of climate change, innovation, migration, data security). Still, scientific expertise often remains within its own domain and only reaches relevant decision-makers […]

Open Science, Technologien, Trends: Konferenzen, Messen & Barcamps 2017

Messen, Konferenzen und andere Events bieten eine gute Gelegenheit, um sich rechts und links umzusehen und über Neuigkeiten bei Open Science, neuen Technologien und anderen Trendthemen auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben. Aus dem großen Angebot an Veranstaltungen haben wir eine kleine Auswahl zur Inspiration zusammengestellt. Falls Sie weitere Veranstaltungen empfehlen würden, freuen wir uns über Ihren Hinweis. 15. – 16.02.2017: Essen – Hochschulbarcamp 08. – 10.03.2017: Kapstadt – Open Education Global Conference 2017 16. – 17.03.2017: Heidelberg – E-Science-Tage 2017 Forschungsdaten managen 20.03.2017: Berlin – Open Science Barcamp 21. – 22.03.2017: Berlin – Open Science Conference 10. – 11.05.2017: Hannover […]

EEXCESS Final Conference: Wrap Up

Last week, the EEXCESS Final Conference took place in Cologne, within the frame of the International Science 2.0 Conference. In the Opening, project ccordinator Prof. Michael Granitzer presented the vision of not only ensuring open access to scientific literature and cultural online objects, but “effortless access” (Slides). Further invited speakers were Timothy Hill from Europeana […]