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OSPP-REC: Towards the European Open Science Agenda

The Open Science Policy Platform The mandate of the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP), which has been running for two years now, is to advise the Commission on how to further develop and practically implement open science policy, to radically improve the quality and impact of European science, support policy formulation and implementation, and to offer best practices for open science. As a stakeholder driven advisory board, representing European universities, research organisations, academies, publishers, funding organisations, libraries, young researchers, open science platforms, and citizen scientists, the OSPP aims at giving advice to the Commission as well as directly to the […]

Open Access-Strategie des BMBF – ein wichtiger Lückenschluss

Mit seiner Open Access-Strategie strebt das Bundesministerium für Forschung und Bildung (BMBF) an, Open Access zum Standard zu machen, und stellt darin grünen und goldenen Weg gleichberechtigt nebeneinander. Damit gewinnt Open Access an Fahrt und bereitet möglicherweise den Weg für ein noch stärkeres Bekenntnis zu Open Science.   Am 20.09.2016 hat das BMBF seine Open…

From Vision to Action? The Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science

At the Amsterdam Conference on Open Science hosted by the Netherlands’ EU Presidency on April 4 and 5 2016 the Dutch presidency presented the Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science. It formulates twelve action items striving for full Open Access for all scientific publications and a new approach for optimal reuse of research data…