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Blockchain: How it could make research more open and transparent

by Birgit Fingerle The study “Blockchain in Higher Education – Fundamentals – Potentials – Boundaries” (Study in German language „Blockchain in der Hochschulbildung – Grundlagen – Potenziale – Grenzen“) of the Stifterverband was compiled on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, and published in July 2019. It continues the EU study published at the end of 2017 “Blockchain in Education” focussing on the German higher education system. The individual chapters explore the technological and design fundamentals of blockchain technology and the technical, economic and societal added values of its use, such as its potential contribution to lowering […]

Blockchain: How it could make research more open and transparent

Blockchains are credited with bringing great benefits for economics and society. This also applies to the higher education sector. A recently published study explores blockchain in higher education. We took a closer look at which application scenarios seem to be particularly interesting in relation to promoting open science.

Blockchain and Timestamping Posts

⛓️ GenR has started to use the blockchain timestamp with the new plugin for WordPress from the Netherlands based outfit Wordproof. It is a free to use service only released this June 2019 at the Berlin hosted WordPress Camp EU #WCEU.  The purpose of the timestamp is to prove the date of publishing by placing a …

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Horizon Report 2019: How new Technologies lead to a Redesign of Learning and Teaching

by Birgit Fingerle The Educause Horizon Report 2019 Higher Education Edition was published at the end of April 2019. Although the report’s name was slightly changed, its format has in large parts remained the same as in former editions: forecasting trends, challenges and developments in technology with impacts in higher education. But this time an additional section called “Fail or Scale” was introduced to reexamine previous panel forecasts and why some of them have not occurred or occurred yet as forecasted. Either way, a lot of the reports subjects were already addressed in the report’s 2018 edition, sometimes with a […]

What Can Open Science Learn and Use From DECODEÔÇÖs Blockchain Urbanism Research and Tech Stack?

DECODE – DEcentralized Citizen Owned Data Ecosystem In the context of contemporary urban development the growth of Smart Cities through—IoT, the sharing-economy such as AirBnB, digital services and platform from the private sector like Uber, or from municipal provision as in metro transport—there is a need for personal data privacy and for a level playing …

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