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Moving the Open Science Barcamp Online!

The Open Science Barcamp was hosted by the ‘Communities in New Media’ (GeNeMe) conference organised by the TU Dresden Media Centre on the 7th of October. The move to online only for the barcamp managed to keep the ‘in-the-moment’ spontaneity that makes a barcamp special – showing off group ingenuity and creating a welcoming environment attracting participants from around the world. The format also worked in terms of turning questions and abstract notions into concrete steps that participants could take away.

Joining the Dots: Berlin Open Science Barcamp & Conference

It’s no longer the case in Open Science that you are alone and having to work out questions for the first time. What the two events showed is that there are open models being put in place that others can adopt, such as developing OER and MOOC content in a research field, or embedding social consideration in research with the RRI framework from the FIT4RRI project. Having full open research life-cycles is still to be achieved, but we are no longer working in the dark. A report from the two events which took place in March in Berlin on the last days before lockdown.

Open Science Barcamp 2020

#oscibar | The Barcamp Open Science is taking place in Berlin 10th March. The barcamp dedicated to the Open Science movement. The barcamp features an Ignition Talk: ‘Scholarly publishing, a fast and slow (r)evolution’ Dr Birgit Schmidt, Head of Knowledge Commons, Göttingen State and University Library. A metapad contains the sessions proposed attendees, which so […]

Barcamp Open Science: Shaping the Open Science idea together

by Susanne Melchior and Dr Guido Scherp Open Science is on its way to broad implementation, but this process is complex and lengthy. In order for a common Open Science idea to emerge and be implemented, exchange and networking are of central importance. The Barcamp Open Science contributes to this and offers a low-threshold platform for exchange across the entire spectrum of Open Science topics. This year it was once again evident that many participants used the sessions to discuss their burning topics. Enormous need for exchange This event format was offered for the fifth time on the eve of […]

Barcamp Open Science: We need to talk!

Given that open science is a hot topic of conversation, is it also being put into practice? Open science has unfortunately not yet completely caught on, and the oft discussed cultural change is taking time. Often there is a lack of knowledge and orientation in the complex world of open science. That is why it is important to approach researchers, facilitate an exchange about practices and answer their questions. This was the focus of the fourth Barcamp Open Science, organised by the Leibniz Research Alliance Science 2.0 and held at Wikimedia as it was last year. Launched as a pre-event […]

Barcamp Open Science: #oscibar 2017 bringt Open Science in die Praxis

Am 20. März lud der Leibniz-Forschungsverbund Science 2.0 zu seinem dritten Barcamp ein, das traditionell als Pre-Event einen Tag vor der dazugehörigen internationalen Konferenz durchgeführt wird. Open Science nimmt derzeit weltweit Fahrt auf, was in Europa unter anderem durch die europäische Forschungspolitik spürbar wird. Um die Open Science-Bewegung aufzugreifen, fand die Tagung in diesem Jahr erstmals unter dem Label “Open Science Conference” statt. Das Barcamp folgte dieser Entwicklung mit dem Label “Barcamp Open Science”. Veranstaltungsort beider Events war dieses Jahr Berlin. Für das Barcamp stellte Wikimedia seine Räumlichkeiten zur Verfügung. Open Science ist in der Breite angekommen Nach drei Barcamps […]

Rückblick: Barcamp Science 2.0 am 24. März 2015 in der ZBW [Podcast]

Sascha Förster kommt aus Bonn, wo er für die Max Weber Stiftung – Deutsche Geisteswissenschaftliche Institute im Ausland als Community Manager für das wissenschaftliche Blogportal arbeitet. Darüber hinaus betreibt er ein eigenes Blog und ist generell in der Blogger-Szene engagiert. Er ist zudem Mitorganisator des Barcamp Bonn. Sascha Förster ist auf Einladung der ZBW am…

VivoCamp13, das Barcamp über Linked Open Data für Forschungsinformationen, findet am 25.11.2013 in Hamburg statt

Als Satelliten-Event zur SWIB13-Konferenz in Hamburg (25.-27.11.2013) wird einen Vormittag lang ein Barcamp zum Austausch von Erfahrungen, Informationen und Ideen rund um VIVO stattfinden. TeilnehmerInnen aus dem In- und Ausland werden erwartet, das Barcamp findet dementsprechend auf englisch statt. Die … Weiterlesen