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TIB about to start a new Open Access service for scholarly journals and conference proceedings

TIB is about to launch a new open access service on which scientific journals and conference publications can be published. In doing so, it is underlining its orientation towards Open Access and adding a significant new pillar to its activities to support the transition to Open Access. As a research partner, TIB is committed to professional, optimally accessible and widely visible publications.

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The Future Open Book

Rapid publishing for public health books against COVID-19 The article covers a case study of the barriers to be overcome to fully automate the production workflow for Open Access multi-format books, to produce and distribute the following – ebook, print-on-demand, screen PDF, webbook, website, and an interoperable source. This blogpost was written to accompany the presentation at the Japanese ‘Vivliostyle User/Dev Meeting 2020 Autumn’ 24 October 2020 13:00 JST (04:00 UTC) – 17:10 JST (08:10 UTC).  The case study The case study involves producing eight book sprints for training manuals, some with MOOC modules, for the Academy of Public Health in Dusseldorf (Germany) which was run as a research cooperation with the Open Science Lab, TIB – German National Library of Science and Technology.  Motivation We are using the book as a technology and social practice within healthcare knowledge management. For example the ‘book sprint’ method of bringing together health

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Happy Birthday DataCite!

An interview with Britta Dreyer on ten years of DataCite: a success story around the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) The foundation of the association DataCite celebrated it’s 10th anniversary in the beginning of December 2019, a reason to look back and peak into the future. In the interview Britta Dreyer, head of the department PID and Metadata Services at TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technilogy and DataCite Business Manager, talks about what has been achieved, the challenges of the future and the cooperation with DataCite partners Ten years of DataCite, that is a great success. But actually the history of DataCite started a little bit before. Namely in 2004 with the first registration of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), a unique and persistent digital identifier, at TIB. Tell us how it all began. Scientific research generates a gigantic and constantly growing amount of digital research data. These

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Open-Access-Informationen für alle – bundesweites Projekt

Im jetzt gestarteten Projekt erstellen und betreiben sechs Partner, darunter die TIB, ein bundesweites Informationsangebot für Wissenschaftler*innen und weitere Akteure der Open-Access-Community. Die TIB übernimmt wichtige Aufgaben bei der Erstellung von Informations- und Lehrmaterialien, bei der Konzeption und Durchführung von Online-Schulungen, bei der Erforschung von Open-Access-Lücken und beim Betrieb eines zentralen Diskussionsforums.

Inconecss 2019 – eine Zusammenfassung

Anfang Mai  hat die ZBW (Leibniz-Informationszentrum Wirtschaft) zur Inconecss (International Conference on Economics and Business Information) eingeladen. Wie schon 2016 war Berlin als Veranstaltungsort gewählt worden. Über 100 Wirtschafts- und Informationswissenschaftler aus 33 Nationen folgten der Einladung und tauschten sich an zwei Tagen zum Themengebiet Digitale Transformation aus. Weiterlesen …