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A public archive for the videos of the Altmetrics Conferences and Workshops

We are glad to announce that most videos from the Altmetrics Conferences and Workshops are now available at a public archive, the TIB AV-Portal. In doing so, we create a long-term archive of the videos, define licenses for reuse, assign a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for each video and provide the possibility to link the videos in future to the corresponding presentation slides and/or abstracts.

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Discussion paper: New indicators for Open Science and Open Innovation

Established indicators for research and innovation processes do not sufficiently capture the nuances of open science and open innovation. As a result, their opportunities and risks often remain obscure. A new discussion paper therefore makes proposals for the expansion of existing indicators and the development of new ones. We looked at possible innovations in the field of open science.

Discussion paper: New indicators for Open Science and Open Innovation

by Birgit Fingerle In order to better identify the opportunities and risks of open science and open innovation, including those that relate to research and technology policy, a fundamental reconsidering of the recording, analysis and evaluation of the practices and structures of open science and open innovation should take place. The discussion paper “Open Science and Open Innovation – New Indicators for the Analysis of the Science and Innovation System in the Digital Age” (“Open Science und Open Innovation – Neue Indikatoren für die Analyse des Wissenschafts- und Innovationssystems im digitalen Zeitalter”, link in German language) by Clemens Blümel, published […]

Interview: Open Access Preprints boost Article Citations and Mentions

we were talking with Nicholas Fraser In a recently published study (PDF) a team of researchers of ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics and GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences analysed if preprints are associated with increased citations and sharings of journal articles. Nicholas Fraser, postdoctoral researcher at ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, explains their findings to us. What was the topic of your recently published research on preprints? Our new study was undertaken as part of the “OASE” project, where we are aiming to understand how open access to scientific publications influences their impact, […]

Wissenschaft im Social Web: Elfenbeinturm oder Medialisierung?

Wissenschaftliche Arbeit ist häufig dem Vorwurf ausgesetzt, abgeschottet im Elfenbeinturm zu geschehen. Aber wird heutzutage im Kampf um Aufmerksamkeit nicht ohnehin bereits der kleinste Erkenntnisgewinn per Twitter mit der Öffentlichkeit geteilt? In welchem Spannungsfeld sich Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler bewegen, war Thema einer Session im Rahmen der Hamburger Social Media Week 2016. In der Session „Adieu…

ZBW-Analyse: “Report on the General Stance of Organizations over Science 2.0 Public Consultation”

Kein einheitliches Verständnis von Science 2.0 – ZBW-Analyse europäischer Positionspapiere Sprachverwirrung prägt das Bild: In dem Bericht „Science 2.0 – Mapping European Perspectives” hat die ZBW analysiert, wie Science 2.0 in Europa gesehen wird. 26 Positionspapiere wissenschaftlicher Organisationen zum Thema „Science 2.0 in Europa“ hat die ZBW unter die Lupe genommen (→ Pressemitteilung). Diese hatte…