LIBER 2020 Online: Building Trust with Research Libraries

Many of the topics of the LIBER 2020 Online conference can be classified under the keyword “Open Science”. A special focus was placed on “trust”, which – just like transparency – is both an aspect and a goal of openness, and on Citizen Science. And above all, the question of what role these topics play in face of the corona pandemic was raised.

Open Economics: Study on Open Science Principles and Practice in Economics

There is wide agreement with the principles of Open Science in economics. This is shown by a ZBW study. However, there is still room for development regarding the implementation of Open Science on a broad basis, and a high requirement for support regarding Open Science practices.

Barcamp Open Science: Learning to Make a Difference

“Go to Berlin, visit the Barcamp Open Science. This will be a nice introduction to Open Science for you and you will meet a lot of important stakeholders there.” This statement of one contributor perfectly summarizes what the Barcamp Open Science provides. See what else happened at the Barcamp.

Open Access Roadshow: Open and connected for everyone!

“Open and connected for everyone!” With this slogan, the Schleswig-Holstein university libraries invited participants to the launch event for the first Open Access Roadshow at the University of Kiel, on 11 November 2019. The diversity of the topics ranged from open science policy strategies through to specific practical examples.

Podium Discussion: Perspectives for ‚ÄúLibraries 2050‚ÄĚ

by Nicole Clasen, Birgit Fingerle and Dr. Doreen Siegfried A podium discussion (link in German language) on the topic of “Libraries 2050” was held on 21 October 2019 in the ZBW Hamburg as part of the ZBW anniversary year. The panel consisted of Barbara Lison, director of Bremen Public Library and designated president of IFLA; Dr Ute Krauß-Leichert, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences; Volker Heller, chairman and management director of the ZLB (Berlin Central & Regional Library) Foundation; and Thorsten Meyer, chief librarian of the ZBW. The podium discussion was moderated by Nicole Clasen from ZBW. We have summarised some […]

Open science infiltrates the engine room of research: ZBW panel at the German Economic Association annual conference 2019

The annual conference of the specialist economics association “Verein für Socialpolitik” took place this year from 22. – 25. September 2019 at the University of Leipzig. Under the conference theme “30 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall” close to 800 researchers came together to discuss the economic effects of German unity as well as a whole host of other specialist themes.

Open science infiltrates the engine room of research: ZBW panel at the German Economic Association annual conference 2019

by Olaf Siegert The ZBW was also represented in the conference programme at this year’s annual conference of the German Economic Association (22 – 25 September 2019 at the University of Leipzig), specifically with a panel on the topic of “Open Science as a leitmotif for economics?”. The panel discussion was chaired by Willi Scholz as chair of the theme Open Science, in its various facets, accompanied by four representatives of the research community: Ulrich Fritsche ( University of Hamburg), among other roles co-editor of the open access, open peer review journal Economics Joachim Gassen (Humboldt University of Berlin), among […]

Guidelines: Electronic Lab Notebooks in Research Data Management

An electronic lab notebook ideally represents one component within an entire system of tools for research data management and is able to drive forward open science via the transparent documentation of experiments and the publication of data. What examples of best practice are there? And what needs to be taken into account when introducing them? An ELN Guide, recently published by ZB MED, gives comprehensive support.