Open Science Systems and Contact Tracing for COVID-19: A Consultation and Mapping

As part of the GenR theme ‘Innovating Open Science Systems for COVID-19’ we will look at how Open Science can improve ‘collaboration and communication’ in R&D communities working on Contact Tracing for C-19. GenR will carry out a mapping of applicable Open Science systems in consultation with the public health community.

Open Science Right from the Start: How the UBC Okanagan Library Introduces Students to Good Scientific Practice

Students have always been catalysts of change. Why not use this characteristic for the cultural change towards more open science at universities? This is exactly what the UBC Okanagan Library in Canada is doing, and it is addressing first-year students with a unique pilot project with special Open Science modules.

FIT4RRI: Shaping Open Research and Innovation Responsibly

The Open Science and the Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) movements are closely linked: they share the fundamental values of openness, inclusion and democracy, as well as the common goal of making scientific results accessible at all levels to a society that is eager for knowledge. However, development is only moving forward at a halting pace. The EU-funded FIT4RRI project has investigated why this is the case. An interview with the project staff member Helene Brinken.

LIBER 2020 Online: Building Trust with Research Libraries

Many of the topics of the LIBER 2020 Online conference can be classified under the keyword “Open Science”. A special focus was placed on “trust”, which – just like transparency – is both an aspect and a goal of openness, and on Citizen Science. And above all, the question of what role these topics play in face of the corona pandemic was raised.

News from the Research Alliance and on Open Science (Newsletter May / June 2020)

Around the research alliance and it’s partners Save the dates: Barcamp Open Science and Open Science Conference Our Barcamp and conference go into the next round, so please save the dates: Barcamp Open Science, 16 February 2021, Wikimedia, Berlin, #oscibar Open Science Conference, 17-18 February 2021, Berlin, #osc2021 TRIPLE User Research Survey Participate […]

Reproduzierbarkeit leicht gemacht – „GESIS Notebooks“ für eine offene Wissenschaft

Die „GESIS Notebooks“ versetzen Wissenschaftler*innen in die Lage, hochkomplexe Forschungsprozesse mit wenig Aufwand und größtmöglicher Unterstützung nachzuvollziehen. In einer web-basierten interaktiven Arbeitsumgebung lassen sich komplexe Rechenprozesse virtuell durchführen, ohne eine leistungsstarke und teure Hardwareinfrastruktur selbst vorhalten zu müssen. Dadurch wird die Reproduzierbarkeit von Forschung deutlich einfacher; somit unterstützen die „GESIS Notebooks“

Open Economics: Study on Open Science Principles and Practice in Economics

There is wide agreement with the principles of Open Science in economics. This is shown by a ZBW study. However, there is still room for development regarding the implementation of Open Science on a broad basis, and a high requirement for support regarding Open Science practices.

Fellow-Programm Freies Wissen: Ausblick und Rückblick

Die nächste Runde des Fellow-Programms Freies Wissen startet im Oktober. Das Programm unterstützt Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innen aus allen Disziplinen dabei, Prinzipien offener Wissenschaft in die eigene wissenschaftliche Arbeit zu integrieren.

Der Beitrag Fellow-Programm Freies Wissen: Ausblick und Rückblick erschien zuerst auf Wikimedia Deutschland Blog.