News on Open Science and Science 2.0 (Newsletter September 2019)

Around the research alliance and it’s partners Open Science Conference: Call for Poster Presentations and Speakers The Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science invites the research community as well as further important stakeholders of the Open Science movement to submit an abstract for our calls for the Open Science Conference from 12-13 March 2020. As usual […]

Open Access: AfricArXiv facilitates knowledge exchange between Africa and Europe

we were talking with Johanna Havemann and Justin Sègbédji Ahinon North-South dialogues and collaborations are of a very high relevance for the development of open science. AfricArXiv is a pre-print repository established to allow African scientists to publish their manuscripts in several African languages including English. Justin Sègbédji Ahinon and Johanna Havemann are members of the AfricArXiv steering committee and tell us why this is a great opportunity for developing countries to collaborate with researchers globally. What advantages does open science have for international collaboration and what challenges still need to be tackled? The open science movement is already paving […]

Open Access: AfricArXiv facilitates knowledge exchange between Africa and Europe

Fostering transparency, open access and global dialogue in research are crucial to deal with local as well as with global challenges like the ongoing climate change. Practiced open science allows for more diversity in research output and the convergence of the global scientific community. We talked to Johanna Havemann and Justin Sègbédji Ahinon on how open science can overcome barriers and strengthen global and local knowledge communities at the same time.

Stellenausschreibung: Digital Scholarship Spezialist/in (80%-100%) befristet (je nach Anstellungsgrad) auf 2.5 Jahre an der Universitätsbibliothek Bern (UB)

Wir stellen die Informationsmittel für Forschung, Lehre, Studium zur Verfügung – elektronisch oder auf Papier Wir helfen bei einfachen wie komplexen (Fach-)Recherchen und vermitteln Informationskompetenz Wir bieten Unterstützung und Infrastruktur für wissenschaftliche Publikationen, Forschungs- und Projektdaten Wir sammeln und digitalisieren Bernisches Und wir sind als Universitäts- und Kantonsbibliothek für alle da Für das Team Digitale […]

Open Science in Research Projects: Library supports from Grant Proposal to Final Report

we were talking with Romain Féret The University of Lille has set up a service supporting researchers (Link in French language; short service description in English language) with their research projects from the beginning. We talked to Romain Féret who is in charge of open access and research data management at the library of the University of Lille. Your library has set up a special open science service dedicated to research projects. What are the service’s goals? The first goal of our service is to increase the quality of our researchers’ grant proposals and to improve their projects’ feasibility. It […]

Open Science in Research Projects: Library supports from Grant Proposal to Final Report

]If open science aspects of research projects are not planned in the early stage of writing a grant proposal, a lot of problems may occur during the projects’ lifetime. On the other hand, offering support to researchers is an opportunity for libraries to have happy patrons and build long lasting relationships with researchers that become the best ambassadors for open science. Romain Féret gives an insight into the open science service of the University of Lille and its experiences.

Open Climate Knowledge: 100% OA for Climate Change 📖 / 🌍

Peter Murray-Rust launched the openNotebook resource at last week’s #eLifeSprint2019*. openNotebook is a framework for data mining, searching, and reusing research publications. Below he walks through the steps of how to use the framework in the context of climate change and opening up research to the public. Peter Murray-Rust, GenR and the Open Science Lab at TIB have initiated an open research collaboration Open Climate Knowledge to address the question of how to improve on the low rates of open access publishing related to climate change. Together we want to change this. Firstly by establishing better stats on OA rates and secondly, by coming up with a plan and recommendations for an accelerated transition to 100% OA for climate change.

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Legal Compendium on Open Science: Guideline answers Legal Questions

by Stefanie Porath-Walsh The Hamburg Open Science programme has had a guideline, “Legal Issues in Open Science” (link in German language, „Rechtsfragen bei Open Science“), being prepared. Implementing open science poses major practical challenges to academic authors. In particular when it comes to licences, author contracts, data protection law or liability, there is often uncertainty. With this compendium, the Hamburg Open Science Programme aims to provide practical support for practitioners of open science and to help remove existing obstacles on the way to greater transparency in science. Hamburg Open Science was able to win the copyright and data protection experts […]